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Simple Disable Key
Deaktivieren Sie jede Taste auf Ihre Tastatur.
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Key Remapper
Remap keyboard keys and mouse buttons with another key, program, system function, mouse function, text, media key !
Open Command Prompt Here
Starten Sie die Befehlseingabe mit oder ohne administrativen Rechten bei jeder Datei.
Run with Parameters
Lassen Sie Programme laufen mit direkten Argumenten vom Windows Explorer.
Key Status Inidicator 4dots
Caps lock indicator, get notified when caps lock is on or other keys change status.
Disable Context Menu Items
Disable Context Menu Items for security reasons from Windows Explorer such as Delete, Cut, Copy, Properties e.t.c.
Active Computer Usage Time Tracker
Track and get Reports of Computer and Software Applications usage of you, your employees or children over the network.


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