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Video Software

Free Video Cutter Expert
Free and powerful video cutting software application to cut a video into segments with millisecond precision.
Simple Video Compressor
Compress video file and reduce video size retaining quality, also with an easy right mouse-click.
Video Joiner Expert
Join Videos into one large file. Batch merge videos also of different formats, sizes, aspect ratios.
Video Rotator and Flipper
Rotate videos or flip videos of your cell phone or camcorder or other videos to fix them and view them correctly.
Simple Video Splitter
Split movie with Simple Video Splitter - Split film into equal parts, by time, by file size or by keyframes !
Video Watermark Remover
Remove watermark from video
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Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor Free PDF Password Remover Free Audio Converter Free Video Cutter Expert Free PDF Compress

Our most popular software applications are

Free File Unlocker, Free Video Cutter Expert, Simple Disable Key, Free PDF Password Remover, Free Convert FLAC to MP3

. With our software you can

cut videos


delete locked, undeletable files


disable any key on your keyboard


remove PDF passwords


convert flac to mp3 audio


cut, join and edit mp3 and other audio files

and much more !

We have developed more than thirty FREE software applications. We continuously develop new applications and optimize our existing ones.
Feel free to contact us for feature requests or ideas. Follow us on twitter to get informed about new releases or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Cut a video clip

Batch join video files into one large file. Merge MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV even if they have different format, size or aspect ratios.

Rotate video or flip video to fix them

Compress video size while retaining quality

Split film into equal parts, by time, by file size or by keyframes

Remove watermark from video


Convert Audio Files to different formats

Cut MP3 files or other audio files

Convert MP3 to WAV

Convert FLAC to MP3

Convert WAV to MP3

Convert M4A to MP3

Convert Video to MP3

Convert MP4 to MP3


Remove PDF Password

Extract Images from PDF documents

Convert PDF documents to JPG Images

Batch edit PDF metadata

Protect PDF documents with a password

Convert PDF to text

Compress and shrink PDF documents

Join PDF documents

Split PDF documents

Delete pages from PDF documents

Extract pages from PDF documents

File Management

Delete Currently Used, Locked, Undeletable, Busy Files

Batch replace text in many Text, Office, PDF files

Clean empty folders to declutter computer

Split or join files

Validate file MD5 or other hashes

Copy full path of file in Windows Explorer with a right mouse click

Copy the contents of text files directly to the clipboard with a right mouse click


Launch the command prompt from any folder in Windows Explorer

Execute in Windows Explorer programs with arguments

Disable any key on your keyboard


Batch HTML validate and fix validation errors to improve SEO

Create HTML Imagemaps

Create CSS Sprite Images for SEO purposes

Develop HTML Webpages


Compare photos side by side

Resize, convert, edit images in batch mode or directly from Windows Explorer

Create correct color schemes for designs


Hide applications from screen with a keystroke

Minimize any application to the windows tray


Organize documents in a tree structure


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What's new

25 February 2018
Update : Simple Disable Key V4.0
Download More info
What's New in Version 4.0 :
New Feature : Disable keys even on Windows Logon and Lock Screen.
New Feature : Disable key for all modifier key combinations.
New Feature : Disable all keys if no key is set.
Fixed bug : Now asks for password when enabling / disabling keys from the system tray menu.
Fixed bug : Minor gui bug fixes.

29 January 2018
Update : Video Joiner Expert V1.1
Download More info
Fixed bug with fade in and fade out.

25 January 2018
New : Video Watermark Remover V1.0
Download More info
Remove watermark from video.
Initial Version.

17 January 2018
New : Simple Video Splitter V1.0
Download More info
Split movie - Split film into equal parts, by time, by file size or by keyframes !
Initial Version.

27 December 2017
New : Simple Video Compressor V1.0
Download More info
Compress video file and reduce video size retaining quality, also with an easy right mouse-click.
Initial Version.

7 December 2017
Update : Multiple Search and Replace V4.0
Download More info
Multilingual support
Made it commercial

1 December 2017
Update : Video Rotator and Flipper V2.0
Download More info
Batch rotate and flip Videos
Added batch rotate and flip function.
More Output format options
GUI improvements
Fixed bugs
Made it commercial

10 November 2017
New : Video Joiner Expert V1.0
Download More info
Join videos into one large file. Batch join MP4, AVI, MOV and other video formats even if they have different formats, sizes and aspect ratios.

24 October 2017
Update :
Changed menu.
Made completely mobile friendly and responsive.

10 October 2017
Update :
Added countdown audio for timers
Minor GUI improvements.

7 September 2017
Update :
Updated and added translations for
Free online timer and stopwatch, time countdown, cash clock e.t.c.

23 May 2017
New : Batch HTML Validator V1.0
Download More info
Batch W3C validate HTML, XHTML and HTML5 multiple URLs or files. Fix errors and improve your SEO.

5 May 2017
Update : Simple Disable Key V3.0
Download More info
Disable any key on your keyboard.

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Windows Compatible Programs
System Requirements
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003 and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions


Most of our software applications are translated into :
Some of our software use an executable of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here
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