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How to Use Simple Disable Key

Simple Disable Key - Main Screen

How to specify which Key to disable

To disable a key or key oombination :

1. Enter the desired key or key combination in the "Key" text box (1).
You can also disable a key combination that includes modifier keys such as Control key, Shift key, Alt key, Windows key e.t.c. To do that, press the key combination in the "Key" text box or another way to do that is to press the key without the modifier keys and then check the desired modifier keys checkboxes afterward.

2. Press the "Add Key" button (2).

3. In the new screen that will appear, set the desired Disable Mode (always, for a specific program or based on a time and week schedule).

4. To start disabling this key and hide the application press on the "OK" button (5). To disable new keys, repeat steps 1. and 2.

Disable Modes

Simple Disable Key - Disable Modes

When you specify a new key to disable and press on the "Add Key" button (2) another screen will appear where you have to specify the disable mode.

You can choose whether always to disable the key, disable the key only for a specific program or based on time and weekly schedule.

To disable the key only for a specific program, it is necessary to specify the program name (filename without the extension .exe) or simply you can press the "Browse" button on the right of the screen and select the program file executable.

To disable the key on a time and week schedule, you have to specify the scheduled start and end time and also you can specify the days for which the key should get disabled by checking and unchecking the appropriate day checkboxes.

Simple Disable Key - Disable based on schedule

Finally, press on the "OK" button. You can now specify another key to disable.

How to start disabling the keys

To start disabling the keys press on the "OK" button on the main screen (5). It is necessary though before to have specified which keys to disable. Then the application window is hidden, and the specified keys will get disabled based on the conditions you have previously defined. Simple Disable Key can now get accessed and shown by right-clicking on the "Simple Disable Key" icon in the system tray and selecting "Show" from the menu.

How to enable a previously disabled key

To enable a previously disabled key, you will have to select the key row on the grid (3) and press the "Remove" button on the right (4). If you have disabled the key for multiple conditions, then you will have to remove all rows of that key. Afterward, press the "OK" button on the main screen.

How to temporarily enable all keys

To temporarily enable all keys press on the "Enable All Keys" button in the main screen.

How to set and lock the state of the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Insert keys automatically

Simple Disable Key - Set state of Num Lock, Caps Lock keys

To set and lock the state of the Num Lock or Caps Lock or Scroll Lock or Insert keys automatically you have to do the following.
1. Enter the desired key to lock in the textbox.
2. Press on the On or Off buttons to set its desired state or if you want to disable it press on the "Not Set" button.
3. Press on the "Add Key" button.
4. Press on the "OK" button to start disabling the keys.

How to disable keys automatically at Windows startup

To disable the specified keys automatically at windows startup you have to check the "Run on Windows Startup" menu item in the "Options" menu.

How to disable a key for all modifier key combinations

To disable a key for all modifier key combinations check the "All Combinations" checkbox of the "Modifier Keys" section.

How to disable keys even on the Windows Logon and Lock Screen

To disable keys automatically even on the Windows Login and Workstation Lock screen check the "Disable Keys on the Windows Login Screen" menu item of the "Options" menu. After that, restart the application and press the "OK" button to disable the keys.

How to disable all keys

To disable all keys, do not enter a key in the key textbox and press the "Add Key" button. Afterward, when asked "Disable all keys?" press "Yes."

Simple Disable Key - Multilingual interface

How to use same Settings for all Windows Users

To use settings for all Windows users check the "Use these Settings for all Windows Users" checkbox. Then the current user settings will be used for all Windows users. The user should have administrator privileges.

How to Register and Buy the application

Simple Disable Key - Register - Buy

You can buy our application by visiting the product page on our site and then press the "Buy" button.
Alternatively, start the application and press on the Buy button, and you will go to our store webpage. (2)
After buying the application, a registration code will be sent to you via email within minutes.
To register the application and unlock all its functionality and remove the nag screen press on the "Register" button (1).

Simple Disable Key - Register - Buy

Then in the registration screen enter the registration code in the textbox and press on the "Register" button (1).

How to change user interface language

When the application starts for the first time, it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.


Your use of Simple Disable Key - Luminati Version (not paid version) is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources, and only when you are not using your device. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS for further information.