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How to

File Management Software

How to delete Currently used, locked, undeletable, busy files.

How to search and replace text in multiple files at the same time.

How to make self extracting zip executable with many options.

How to find and delete empty folders from hard drives.

How to lock folder, or hide folder. How to encrypt your files, folders.

How to copy the full path of files with a right click in Windows Explorer.

How to copy directly the contents of text files to the clipboard.

How to remove duplicate lines. How to dedupe list. How to remove duplicate words from Text, Word, RTF files

How to split files or join files.

How to check File Integrity and validate MD5 hashes, supports most hashing algorithms.

How to combine many text files into one with header, footer and many options.

System Software

How to disable any key on your keyboard.

How to remap keyboard keys and mouse buttons with another key, program, system function, mouse function, text, media key.

How to change the volume serial number of FAT,FAT32,NTFS and exFAT drives..

How to control the brightness with the mouse wheel.

How to launch the command prompt with or without administrative rights at any folder.

How to run programs with arguments directly from Windows Explorer.

How to get notified when caps lock is on or other keys change status.

How to disable context menu items for security reasons from Windows Explorer such as Delete, Cut, Copy, Properties e.t.c.

How to track and get reports of computer and software applications usage of you, your employees or children over the network.

How to automatically focus on the control while you hover it with the mouse.