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How to Use Simple Video Compressor

Simple Video Compressor - Main Screen

How to specify which Videos to Compress

To specify which videos to compress :

Press on the "Add Video" button (1) of the main screen and then select the video files you want to add. You can also press on the "Add Folder" button (2) to add the entire video contents of specific folders.

You can also add videos by entering a list of their filepaths in a textbox, after you select "Enter List of Videos to Join" from the "File" menu.

The video files that have been added to be combined will be displayed on the grid (6). You can view the videos with the in-built video player (9) by selecting them on the grid and then pressing the play button on the player.

You can also drag-and-drop video files or folders with video files in order to add them.

To remove a video file from the list, select it on the grid and then press the "Remove" button (3). To clear all videos from the list press the "Clear" button (4).

After you select a video on the grid, with a right mouse click you can access a menu where you can play the Video, open it, explore the video file, copy the full filepath of the video or display info about it.

How to specify compression level and video size

Simple Video Compressor has convenient compression presets which can be selected with the slider (8). While sliding the slider to the left you get less compression but better quality, while sliding the slider to right you get better compression but less quality. The best compression preset are the ones with title "Best compression", since when they are being selected the video will then be compressed a lot while its quality will be retained.

You can also resize the video, if for example you want to post the video to the social media. Select a size percentage from the menu (9) or specify your own valid size.

How to compress the selected videos

To compressed the videos you have added press on the "Compress Videos" button (5).

Simple Video Compressor - Windows Explorer Integration

Alternatively, you can easily select the videos in Windows Explorer and then do a mouse right click and select "Compress with Simple Video Compressor" from the menu. The videos will be compressed with the lastly selected compression settings. Please note that you have to check the "Integrate into Windows Explorer" checkbox while installing the application in order to do that.

How to import List of Videos to Compress

Simple Video Compressor - Import Lists of Videos

To import lists of videos to compress, on the main screen select from the "File" menu, "Import Videos from Text File" (3) to import list of videos from text files, "Import Videos from Excel File" (5) to import list of videos from Excel files, or "Import Videos from CSV File" (4) to import list of videos to join from CSV files.

One video file path should be on each line of the list file. You can specify also the column of the file paths of the Excel or CSV file.

If you select "Save Current Selection" (7) from the file menu a text file list will be saved with the currently added videos. This is useful, if you want to reuse this list later. Then you can simply import this list, as was described earlier.

How to set Options of the application

Simple Video Compressor - Options Menu

To set various options of the application you can use the "Options" menu.

To specify what will be done when the compression process is finished, select an option from the "When Done" menu (3). The application can shutdown, sleep, hibernate, logoff , explore the file e.t.c. when the join process has finished successfully.

To specify the format of the filename that is automatically generated for the compressed file select "Options" (2) from the "Options" menu.

By default the filename without the extension will have the format [FILENAME]_compressed. [FILENAME] represents the filename without the extension of the video.

On this screen you can also specify what will happen in case a file with the same filename already exists. If it will be overwritten, skipped, renamed, added a prefix or added a suffix e.t.c.

You can also set a specific output filename for the compressed video file by selecting "Set Output File" (1) from the "Options" menu.

How to easily test and access the compressed video

Simple Video Compressor - Access Join File

After the join process has finished you can test the generated compressed video by selecting from the "Tools" menu, "Play Last Output File" (2) that will play the video in the in-built player. You can also select "Open Last Output File" (3) which will open the video with your default video player, "Explore Last Output File" (4) which will open and select the video file in Windows Explorer. You can also select "Copy Full Filepath of Last Output File" (5) which will copy to the clipboard the full filepath of the generated join. Lastly, you can select "Video Info of the Last Output File" (6) to show info about the generated video join file.