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PDF To JPG Expert - Convert PDF to JPG  How to convert pdf to jpg - pdf to png - pdf to bmp

How to convert pdf to jpg - pdf to png - pdf to bmp

PDF To JPG Expert is very easy to use. Simply follow the following four steps.

Step 1 - Add PDF Documents to convert

At first, select the PDF Documents you want to convert pdf to jpg, or pdf to png, pdf to bmp e.t.c. by pressing the "Add" button in the toolbar or by dragging and dropping them on the grid.

You can also add entire folders with PDF documents simply by pressing the "Add Folder" button and then specifying the folder.

If a PDF document is protected with a user password then you will be asked for it. If a PDF document is protected with an owner password then it is removed from it automatically.

Drag and drop pdf documents to be converted to images.

Step 2 - Specify Page Ranges

You can also optionally, specify the pdf documents page ranges to be converted. Simply double click on the pdf document's row in the grid and then you can specify the page range. Also, multiple page ranges are supported but they are required to be comma separated e.g. 10-20,50-60,75-80. In all other cases, the entire document will be converted to images.

Set document's page ranges to be converted to images

Step 3 - Specify output format, resolution, output folder and more

Then select the desired output image format. You can select one from the most used image formats. Moreover, you can press also the "More" button that enables you to select one of the total 35 different image formats that PDF To JPG Expert supports.

Also, you can specify the desired resolution of the images and also the quality of JPG images.

Additionally, you can specify the dimensions of the images to be generated. The default one is "As Is" which means that the entire document page will be converted to an image.

Afterward, you can select whether the output folder will be the folder of the PDF document or another folder. You can also open the output folder in Windows Explorer directly by pressing the "Open Output Folder" button.

Step 4 - Conversion

PDF To JPG Expert main screen.

Finally, press the "Convert" button and the conversion will start and finish soon.

Fit Page

In order to make the output images fit the image dimensions that were specified by the user you have to check "Fit Page".

One image for the whole document

In order to generate a single image that contains all pages (used only for formats such as TIFF e.t.c.) you have to check the option "One image for the whole document".

How to import a list of PDF documents

You can also import a list of PDF documents to compress.

To do so, create a text file listing all PDF files to be compressed, one PDF file or folder at each line.

If your PDF file or folder requires a user password (for opening) write in a line the PDF file or folder and a comma and the password.

For example :

"c:\invoices\invoices January",JANUARY_PASSWORD

How to set the Output Folder

It is also possible to specify the output folder of the produced images. If the same folder as the PDF document is selected then the images will be generated in the folder where the PDF document is. You can also produce the images in a subfolder of the PDF document's folder.

For example, you can specify to create them in a subfolder "PNG". PDF To JPG Expert remembers your last five output folder options.

Command Line Usage

PDF To JPG Expert supports command line usage. This is useful for inclusion in batch scripts e.t.c.

Usage :

Convert PDF Files to Images.

PDFToJPGExpert.exe [[file|directory]]

file : one or more files to be processed.
directory : one or more directories containing files to be processed.
password : PDF user password for open.
pagerange : PDF page ranges.
resolution : DPI image resolution.
quality : JPEG quality.
fitpage : Fit page.
oneimage : Create one image as output
asis : keep image dimensions as is.
width800 : output width should be 800 pixels.
width1024 : output width should be 1024 pixels.
width1280 : output width should be 1280 pixels.
width : output width should be WIDTH_VALUE pixels.
height : output height should be HEIGHT_VALUE pixels.
listcodes : list output format codes.
outputformat : select output format from code.
keepstructure : keep folder structure.
keepcreation : keep creation date.
keeplastmod : keep last modification date.
importlist : import PDF file list from text file.
outputfolder : use specfified output folder.
/? : show help

Example :
PDFToJPGExpert.exe "c:\documents\invoice.pdf" /password:"12345" /asis /outputfomat:png16m /outputfolder:"c:\invoiceImages"

PDFToJPGExpert.exe "c:\documents\invoice.pdf" /width:1024 /height:780 /outputfomat:png16m /outputfolder:"c:\invoiceImages"

PDFToJPGExpert.exe /listcodes

How to change user interface language

When the application is first started it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.