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How to watermark PDF

Free PDF Watermarker 4dots - Main Screen

To watermark PDF, add the PDF documents, specify watermark text and other watermark options and then press on the "Watermark PDF" button.

To add PDF documents to the list :

Press on the "Add" button of the main screen and then select the documents you want to add. You can also press on the "Add Folder" button to add the entire contents of specific folders.

You can also drag-and-drop PDF documents and folders with PDF documents to add them.

To remove a PDF document from the list, select it on the grid and then press the "Remove" button. To clear all PDF documents from the list select the "Clear" menu item from the "Edit" menu.

How to import list of PDF documents

To import a list of PDF documents press on the "Import List" button of the toolbar.

One PDF document file path should be on each line of the list file.


You can also specify that the generated PDF document retains the original file timestamp of the first image file.

To do that, check the "Retain Timestamp" checkbox.

Moreover, you can specify to explore the generated PDF document when the conversion process has finished.

To do that, check "Explore Output Document on Finish" checkbox of the "Options" menu.

To specify watermark text enter it in the "Watermark Text" textbox.

to specify a watermark image press on the "Browse" button for the "Watermark Image" and select it.

You can also specify watermark text font size and color and watermark rotation angle.

You can also specify watermark position and user password.

Final step to watermark PDF

Finally, to watermark PDF press on the "Watermark PDF" button of the toolbar and wait for the application to do its job.

In the end, the generated PDF file will be selected in Windows Explorer.

How to change user interface language

When the application is first started it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.

Command Line Usage

Free PDF Watermark 4dots can also be executed from the command line.

Therefore, it can be included in scripts and batch files.

Add Watermark to PDF Documents.

FreePDFWatermarker.exe [file|directory]

cmd : use the command line
file : one or more Microsoft Word documents to be processed.
directory : one or more directories containing files to be processed.
outfolder  : Output folder.
keeptimestamp : (optional) keep document timestamp.
watermarktext : Watermark Text
watermarkimage : Watermark image filepath
userpassword : PDF user password (for open)
filename : output filename pattern
fontsize : font size (integer value)
rotate : rotation angle (integer value)
position : position index value e.g. 0=top center, 1=middle center e.t.c.
fontcolor : font color e.g "137,135,135"
/? : show help

Example :
FreePDFWatermarker.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" "c:\invoices\invoice2.pdf" "c:\invoices\invoice3.pdf" 
/outfolder:"c:\documents\watermarkedinvoices" /position:3 /watermarktext:"Invoices 2020" 
/watermarkimage:"c:\images\watermarkimage.jpg" /fontsize:25 /filename:"[FILENAME]_watermarked"/fontcolor:"137,135,135"