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How to merge two pdf files

Free Combine PDF 4dots - Main Screen

To merge PDF files add PDF documents and then press on the "Combine PDF" button.

To specify the PDF documents that you want to merge :

Press on the "Add" button of the main screen and then select the PDF files you want to add. You can also press on the "Add Folder" button to add the entire contents of specific folders.

You can also drag-and-drop Word documents or folders with PDF files to add them.

To remove a PDF file from the list, select it on the grid and then press the "Remove" button. To clear all the PDF files from the list press the "Clear" button.

How to join each file of the folder separately (intro + file + outro)

To join each file of a folder separately press on the "Add Folder" button and when asked press on the "Yes" button.

Then for each file of the folder the files that are before the folder will be added as a intro and the files that are after the folder will be added as an outro.

For example, if the files on the list are document1.pdf,document2.pdf, FOLDER, document3.pdf and the folder contains the files book1.pdf,book2.pdf,book3.pdf then it will generate the files document1.pdf+document2.pdf+book1.pdf+document3.pdf and document1.pdf+ document2.pdf+book2.pdf+document3.pdf and document1.pdf+document2.pdf+book3.pdf+document3.pdf

How to just import files of a folder

To just import files of folder and subfolders press on the "Add Folder" and when asked for "Join each file of the folder separately" press on "No" .

How to import list of PDF files

To import a list of PDF files press on the "Import List" button of the toolbar.

One PDF file path should be on each line of the list file.


You can also specify that the merged PDF documents retains the original file timestamp of the first PDF file.

To do that, check the "Retain Timestamp" checkbox.

Moreover, you can specify to explore the merge document when the merge process has finished.

To do that, check "Explore Output Document on Finish" checkbox of the "Options" menu.

Additionally, you can specify the output filename pattern.

Enter in the appropriate textbox [FILENAME] for the filename of the first PDF document, [CURDATE] for current date, [MODDATE] for the last modification date of the first PDF document, [CREATIONDATE] for the creation date of the first pdf document.

You can also specify the format of the date for [CURDATE],[MODDATE],[CREATIONDATE].

To do that, add a .NET date format pattern in the appropriate textbox.

How to watch folders of PDF documents

Moreover, with Free Combine PDF 4dots it is also possible to watch folders for PDF files and merge them into a single PDF document as soon as a new document is created in the folder.

To do that, select "Folder Watch Settings" from the "Options" menu and add folders to watch and press on the "OK" button.

How to sort documents

To sort PDF documents by Filename select on the "Sort By" menu "Filename".

You can also sort by full file path, date and size.

Check the number string sorting to sort strings correctly that with numbers and also check "Sort in Descending Order" to sort in descending order.

How to copy, paste documents and reorder them

To copy and paste documents on the documents list select them and then press on the "Copy" or "Paste" button.

To reorder them select them on the documents list and then press on the "Move Up" or "Move Down" button of the toolbar.

Final step to merge PDF files

Finally, to merge PDF files press on the "Combine PDF" button of the toolbar and wait for the application to do its job.

In the end, the merged PDF file will be selected in Windows Explorer.

Windows Explorer Integration

You can also combine PDF documents with a single right click into Windows Explorer.

Simply select the Word files in Windows Explorer, right click on them and then select "Combine PDF" from the right-click context menu and wait for the application to do its job.

How to change user interface language

When the application is first started it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.

Command Line Usage

Free Combine PDF 4dots can also be executed from the command line.

Therefore, it can be included in scripts and batch files.

Combines multiple PDF documents into a single PDF document.

FreeCombinePDF.exe [[passsword] [file|directory]]

cmd : use the command line
file : one or more Microsoft Word documents to be processed.
directory : one or more directories containing files to be processed.
password : (optional) user password (for open) of the pdf document.
outputfile : (optional) the combined Word document output filepath.
foldersep : join each file of the folder separately (intro + file + outro).
keeptimestamp : (optional) keep document timestamp.
/? : show help

Example :
FreeCombinePDF.exe "c:\documents\invoice.pdf" "c:\documents\invoice2.pdf" "PDFPASSWORD" "c:\documents\invoice3.pdf"