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Do you have a developer project that needs to be done ?

Do you need fast results, quality of work, many years of experience at low cost ?

Then hire us !

We have a lot of experience in programming languages .NET, C#, SQL, Jquery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Office Programming, iTextSharp, PDF Programming, Windows Services, .NET Remoting, FFMPEG, Video and Audio Programming, Graphics Programming and GDI+, Windows Shell Extensions, Regular Expressions, Encryption, Windows API Programming, Global Keyboard and Mouse Hooks, Localization, MySQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SEO and also have experience in Bootstrap, PHP, VoiceXML.

Do you also have a difficult computer task that needs to be done ? We can make that for you or write an application that does it for you at low cost !

We also know English and German fluently.

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