4dots Software

HTML Localization

Localtransformer supports localizing HTML Files. The localized HTML file contains the same formatting as the original file and differs only in its localized contents. At first, Localtransformer extracts all text between html tags. Moreover, it also extracts the values of some specific attributes.

Internal Tags

In case that a tag contains formatting tags (such as <b>,<i>,<p>) Localtransformer does not split this tag value ,as it would usually do, but instead extracts all the tags as a single entry. This is because the formatting tags should be part of the content and are not sepparate tags. These tags are called Internal Tags.
You can specify which tags should be treated as internal tags at the Project Properties Screen.

HTML Attribute Localization

Apart from localizing the text between tags , Localtransformer also localizes specific attributes of tags. For example the alt attribute of the img tag , that provides alternative text for an image, should also be localized as it contains valuable information. Those attributes that should be localized can be specified at the Project Properties Screen.

HTML Lang attribute

Localtransformer also sets automatically the "lang" attribute of the "html" tag to the localized language iso code. This can be disabled at the Project Properties Screen.