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GetText PO Files Localization

Localtransformer supports localization for GNU GetText .po and .pot files. GetText is a GNU application that is used by many programming languages such as PHP and Ruby in order to localize their files.

In order to localize files using GetText and Localtransformer :
  1. Mark up strings by moving them into arguments to the special function gettext().
  2. Run the xgettext command-line utility to extract the strings into a messages file.
  3. Run Localtransformer , open the po Pot file.
  4. Enter the translations for each language.
  5. Build the project.
  6. Run the msgfmt command-line utility to create the localized message databases used at runtime.
The structure of the pot file is something like this:

msgid "Message"
msgstr "Translated Message"

Localtransformer extracts all message ids and the user enters the translations that correspond to the msgstr lines.

Please also note that Localtransformer sets automatically the encoding of the file to UTF-8.
The header of the file will then contain the following line :

"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"

For more information consult the following websites: