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Multiple Platforms supported

Localtransformer supports localization for the following platforms :
  • Microsoft .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 applications (*.exe,*.dll)
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 XAML files
  • Database Localization (Microsoft Sql Server 2005 , Oracle , MySql , Microsoft Access etc.)
  • Java properties files
  • HTML files
  • XML files
  • XLIFF files
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) files
  • GNU GetText PO files
  • HTML Help Files
  • INI files
  • Symbian resource files
  • Text localization based on custom parsing rules
Database Localization

Localtransformer provides three different database localization types. Field Localization , Table Localization and Single Table Localization.
Custom parse rules for Text Files

Localtransformer provides a flexible and powerful way to localize text files based on custom rule definitions. The structure of Text Files can vary very much , therefore in order to localize Text Files you can define rules for the parsing of such files.

Project Management Functions

Project Report & extended statistics

View a variety of facts such as total number of segments, total number of words, total number of repetitions and many more. Moreover, see the translation memory full matches and the fuzzy translation memory matches.5 ranges for the percentage of the fuzzy translation matches are providen. View details for each translation language separately.
Live Statistics

View live statistics for the translation process of the project. Check how many items are translated, untranslated or total in the resource, in the target or in the entire translation language. See the translation percentage and how many items correspond to a each status.
Exchange Wizard

Exchange Wizard that enables the developers team to easily and efficiently communicate with the translation team and vice versa. There are five different ways to communicate.
Three different statuses for the translated items

Each item of the localized target file has three different statuses.Edit status, row status and translation status.

Quality Assurance Functions

Validation and Automatic Fixes

Validate a project and fix the invalid items automatically , reducing by this the time for checking and reviewing the translations. Localtransformer can do over 20 validations for the translated items and also provides over 9 automatic fixes for the errors that will occur. Validations and automatic fixes include : Invalid Hotkey Position, Inconsistent Format String, Incosistent Translation,Invalid Number of Whitespaces , Symbol Validation and much more.
Pseudo Translation

Pseudo translate the project for localizability testing i.e. make a translation simulation by filling the translations with random characters of the target language .In this way, it is possible to verify, that the user interface of the application being tested can be easily translated to any target language without re-engineering or making code modifications.
Visual Editor for Forms

Edit Forms visually and adapt controls to fit translated text , flip controls for right to left text cultures. Change size, font , location and other properties of controls.
Run Localized Versions and Open in Notepad Localized Documents

Productivity Functions

All languages supported

Localtransformer supports all languages and many languages in a project at the same time.
Translation Re-use with multiple Translation Memories

Localtransformer can use multiple translation memory files at the same time. Translation memory is a technology that enables the user to store translated phrases or sentences in a special database for local re-use or shared use over a network.By using Localtransformer and re-using translations from previous versions, will significantly reduce the time to market for localized versions.
Fuzzy Matching

Localtransformer supports fuzzy matching. This means translations are also retrieved from translation memory, or from other already translated items of the project, where the match between the previously translated item and the new item is below 100%. For example "Copy completed" and "Copy completed !!" are not exactly the same strings but are very similar. By using fuzzy matching the user does not have to find the translation for them twice but only once, since the second phrase will be automatically translated.
Machine Translation by using Google ®

Use "Google Translate" automatically in order to translate the project. With this machine translation feature it is possible to translate the project automatically to many languages. Also it shortens the time and cost for translating since the entire project can be translated automatically or this feature can be used in order to get the first translations and then review them.
Translation Memory Editor

Easy to use Translation Memory (TMX format) Editor that comes with the feature to get translations automatically from Google Translate ® . With the editor you can edit multiple language translations at the same time.Also it does have a filter and also the ability to display only items whose translation is incomplete.
Find and Replace

Flexible search and replace with regular expressions or wildcards. Navigate easily to the results of the search.
Easy to use Grid Editing

Access and edit easily the translation items using a grid. Access the items of each resource separately or all together.
Powerful filter

In order to filter out localized items and view only those items that correspond to specific criteria it is possible to use the filter function. Type the word or phrase that the translation,original native text or key column should contain or filter out items based on their statuses or show only items that have comments,have maximum length set or have been specified that they should not be translated.View only those items which contain a specific comment.
Text Editor for long strings

Localtransformer also provides a separate text editor for long strings.

Export / Import Functions

Export to multiple formats

Export data to various formats. In this way, translated data can be sent to the translator or other team members and also the translations can be reused in the future.
Specifically Localtransformer can export data as :
  • Traslation Memory Exchange (TMX) Files
  • Text / CSV Files
Import from many formats

Localtransformer can Import Data from already existing translations of various sources. This is useful , because you can import the translations from the file that was sent to the translator or import translated data from other applications or other Localtransformer projects.

Specifically Localtransformer can import data from :

  • Traslation Memory Exchange (TMX) Files
  • Text / CSV Files
  • Localtransformer Project Files
Import from Microsoft Terminology Translations Wizard

Microsoft has compiled a list of translations for its terminology called "Microsoft Terminology Translations" and is freely available. With Localtransformer you can import Microsoft Terminology Translations very easily by using a wizard.