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How to unlock pdf file


PDF Password Cracker Expert is very simple to use.

1. Open the PDF archive in the application
2. Specify the type of attack.
3. Press the "Recover Password" button and wait.

PDF Password Cracker - Main Screen

Types of Cracking Attacks

Brute Force

Will try all possible passwords to open file. Takes most of the time but it is assured that in the end it will find the password. Good if you approximately know how the password is. For example, if you know that the password consists of 6 digits.

Masked Brute Force

If you remember that the password starts with, ends with or includes a specific word, use the Masked Brute Force Attack. This will try all possible password combinations that include this word.

You can specify, the minimum password length, the maximum password length, the mask word and also the possible character types from which the password consists of.

Also, you can specify to start the brute force attack from a specific password and end at at a specific password. Dictionary Attack

Dictionary Attack will try all words in the dictionary files as passwords. Good for simple passwords. Is faster than Brute Force Attack and Smart Dictionary Attack.

PDF Password Cracker Expert supports using multiple dictionary files.

Smart Dictionary Attack

Smart Dictionary Attack will try all words in the dictionary files as passwords but will also try some other smart mutations. For example will try to add numbers to the word, or make it uppercase, or try all possible lowercase and uppercase combinations of the word. Takes more time than the Dictionary Attack but usually less than the Brute Force attack.

Mask Attack

Use this attack if you approximately remember your password. For example, you remember that your password consists of the word 'secure' followed by a number, but you do not remember the number. It takes less time than Brute Force Attack and usually less time than Smart Dictionary Attack or Dictionary Attack.


Will try all the attacks together. Will find the password but will take much time. Try specifying Recovery Options to speed up the process.

Windows Explorer Integration and Drag and Drop

PDF Password Cracker - Windows Explorer Integration

PDF Password Cracker Expert is very easy to use.

You can also start it with a right click on the PDF archive in Windows Explorer

To open a PDF file with drag and drop, drag the PDF archive and drop it on the PDF Password Cracker Expert application's window.

How to Modify Cracking Options

PDF Password Cracker Expert - Password Recovery Options

To modify cracking options press on the "Recovery Options" buttons.

There you can set options for the Brute Force Attack, the Dictionary Attack, the Smart Dictionary Attack, the Mask Attack and various other options.

Dictionary Files

To add or remove dictionary files used in the "Dictionary Attack" press the "Recovery Options" button and in the "Dictionary Attack" page, press the "Add" or "Remove" button.

To stop using a specific dictionary file, uncheck it on the dictionary files list. To use it once again, check it on the list.

You can also set which dictionary file priority i.e. which dictionary file to open and use first and which ones later while you unlock pdf file.

To do that, simply select a dictionary file row from the list and press the "Up" and "Down" arrow to change its priority.

PDF Password Cracker Expert - Dictionary Attack Options

Where to get more Dictionary Files

PDF Password Cracker Expert comes with highly effective dictionary files.

To get more dictionary files go to this page.

Smart Dictionary Attack Mutation Commands

Upper / Lower Case
Convert to Lowercase
Convert to Uppercase
Lowercase first character- uppercase the rest
Toggle Case
Toggle Case of Character at a specific Position
Try all possible lower/upper case combinations
Shift Case
Prefix / Suffix
Use Prefix Mask
Use Suffix Mask
Add Numbers from .. to .. , in the beginning and /or end.
Add up to .. Special Characters , in the beginning and /or end.
Add up to .. a-z (lowercase) letters , in the beginning and /or end.
Add up to .. A-Z (uppercase) letters , in the beginning and /or end.
Other Commands
Reverse (alex=>xela)
Duplicate (alex=>alexalex)
Reflect (alex=>alexxela)
Rotate word left (falex=>alexf)
Rotate word right (alexf=>falex)
Character Replaces
Replace specific word characters with other ones. Will try all possible mutations and combinations.
Delete / Insert
Delete the first character.
Delete the last character.
Delete the character in position .. .
Extract substring from position .. , maximum length .. .
Insert character .. at position .. .
Overstrike character in position .. with character .. .
Password Length
Password Maximum Length.
Password Minimum Length.
Truncate Password to .. Characters.
Mix all Combinations

PDF Password Cracker Expert- Smart Dictionary Attack Options

How to add common (leet) character replaces for Smart Dictionary Attack

To add common (leet) character replaces for the Smart Dictionary Attack, press on the "Add Short Leet Character Replaces" in the "Replaces" page of the Smart Dictionary Options page.

Please note, that the application will include them as character replaces by default.

PDF Password Cracker Expert - Smart Dictionary Attack Options

How to save current Cracking Options as Default Options

To save current cracking options as the default ones, press on the "Save as Default" button in the "Recovery Options" screen.

How to stop the PDF to unlock pdf file

To stop the PDF cracking process, press on the "Stop" button.

How to pause and resume the PDF cracking process

To pause the PDF cracking process, press on the "Pause" button.
To resume it again, press on the "Resume" button.
Please note, that PDF Password Cracker Expert saves the current cracking project automatically at the specified time interval, e.g., every 1 minute and you can load the project and resume the cracking process even when the application gets closed.

How to open and resume a previously saved project

While running the cracking process, the current project is saved automatically at the specified time interval.
To open a project and resume it from the point it was stopped, even if the application got closed, press on the "Open Project" in the "File Menu" and select the project to load.

Alternatively, you can load one of the last projects by selecting it in the "Recent Projects" menu of the "File Menu".

If you want to resume a project from the point, it was stopped, after loading it, press on the "Resume" button.

How to set the application's process priority

You can boost speed by setting the application's process priority to highest, or save computer resources and set a lower priority process.

To do this select the process priority in the "Process Priority" menu.

It is set to "Highest" by default.

How to keep and view Logs

You can keep and view detailed logs of the PDF password cracking process.
To view the logs, select the "Logs" menu item in the "Tools" menu. You can stop keeping logs, or set the logging file in the "Recovery Options" screen.

How to Explore / Run the file to be cracked

To explore or run the file to be cracked, select "Explore File" or "Execute File" in the "Tools" menu.

How to View Found Passwords List

To view a list of previously found passwords and their corresponding files select "Found Passwords" in the "Tools" menu.

Minimize the application to the system tray

To minimize the application to the system tray, check the "Minimize To Tray" menu item, and then minimize the application's window.

How to change user interface language

When the application starts its first time, it asks you for your desired user interface language.

You can also change the user interface language from the "Language" menu.

PDF Password Cracker Expert - Multilingual Interface

Languages Supported

The application is translated into :

How to Register and Buy the application

You can buy our application by visiting the product page on our site and then press the "Buy" button.
Alternatively, start the application and press on the Buy button, and you will go to our store webpage.
After buying the application, a registration code will be sent to you via email within minutes.
To register the application and unlock all its functionality and remove the nag screen press on the "Register" button.

Then in the registration screen enter the registration code in the textbox and press on the "Register" button.