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Step 3 - Translate and adjust Layout

Afterwards, we have to export the data to be localized and send them to the translator.

The easy way to do this is with the use of the "Exchange Wizard". If the translator has Localtransformer Translator Edition (free edition) we can send him the whole project by pressing the "Send Project" or "Send Project and Files" button. If the translator has not Localtransformer Translator Edition installed on his computer we can export the project to Text / CSV. The translator will be able then to edit the exported file in another application (such as Microsoft Excel) as well.

Localization software application feature : exchange wizard.

Then the translator translates the data to be localized by editing the export file (for example it is possible to edit the exported csv text file in Microsoft Excel) or by opening the Localtransformer project and translating it within Localtransformer Translator Edition.

The next step is to visually localize the application , with the use of Localtransformer, and adjust the user interface of each language so that it displays correctly.You can edit the application's forms visually and change the size of controls to fit translated text , flip controls for right to left text cultures and also change font , location and other properties of user interface controls. Some images and colors of the user interface might have also to be changed , because an image can be offensive or confusing to another culture and because not all images are universally meaningful.

Localization software application feature : visual editor

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