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Step 2 - Create Project

The next step is to create a project in Localtransformer and scan the application or document.

At first, press the "New" button of the startup screen or the toolbar.Afterwards, in the new screen that will appear, you have to choose the source language (the original language) and the one or more target languages.

Localization application feature : several languages one project.

Localtransformer supports all languages and many languages in a project at the same time. You can also add or remove languages in later.

Then you have to specify the targets i.e. the application files, document files or databases that are going to get localized. Press the "Add" button to add as targets files and press the "Add Database" button in order to add as target a database.

Localization software application feature : add remove applications to be localized.

Localtransformer will then extract all data to be localized automatically and add them to the project as items.

Localization software application feature : after project has been created.

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