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Free PDF Password Remover 4dots - Remove password and restrictions from PDF documents.  Free PDF Password Remover 4dots- Command Line Usage

Command Line Usage

It is also possible to execute the application from the command prompt. This is useful for inclusion in scripts e.t.c.

The usage of the application is the following :

Removes Password and Restrictions from PDF documents.

PDFPasswordRemover.exe [[file|directory]][/userpassword:USER_PASSWORD_VALUE] [/n osubdirs] [/overwrite][/backup][outfilename:OUTPUT_FILE_VALUE] [outputfolder:OUT PUT_FOLDER_VALUE] [/l:IMPORT_LIST_FILE_VALUE][/log:LOG_FILE_VALUE][/?]

file : one or more pdf or image files to be processed.
directory : one or more directories containing pdf files to be processed.
userpassword: Document user password (password for opening, not for restrictions ).
nosubdirs : do not process also subdirectories of PDF documents input directorie s.
overwrite : overwrite existing PDF document.
backup : keep backup in case of overwrite.
outfilename : Output filename. If not specified the file will have the same file name but will end with "_unprotected".
Enter [FILENAME] for document's filename without extension and [EXT] for documen t's extension.
/l : Import list of files to be processed from a text file. One file or folder o n each line. In case the document has a password it's line should be comma separ ated.
/log : Logfile where output messages should be logged.
outputfolder: Output folder value (if different than the folder of the first fil e)
/? : show help


For example to remove restrictions from PDF File "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" we execute something like :

PDFPasswordRemover.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf"

To remove user password "My Password" and restrictions from PDF File "c:\invoices\list.pdf" we execute :

PDFPasswordRemover.exe /userpassword:"My Password" "c:\invoices\list.pdf"

To compress PDF documents found in the list "c:\invoices\InvoiceList.txt" and log to "c:\invoices\log.txt" we execute :

PDFPasswordRemover.exe /l:"c:\invoices\InvoiceList.txt" /log:"c:\invoices\log.txt"

To remove restrictions from PDF File "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" and overwrite it and keep backup of the existing file,we execute :

PDFPasswordRemover.exe "c:\invoices\invoice1.pdf" /overwrite /backup

To remove restrictions from all PDF Files found in folder "c:\invoices",we execute :

PDFPasswordRemover.exe "c:\invoices"

Execute Free PDF Password Remover from the Command Prompt