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Design easily interactive HTML Imagemaps for Webpages.


Free Imagemapper (a.k.a. Life Software Imagemapper 2) is a freeware application that creates interactive HTML Imagemaps for Web pages. Imagemapper 2 enables you to draw, modify, and set properties for 'hotspots' that are on the imagemap image.

It can make both Client-side and Server-side imagemaps. It supports both CERN and NCSA server-side imagemaps. It enables also to test the imagemap in your favorite browser.It has a capability of unlimited Undo-Redo steps.

Moreover, you can load imagemaps from already created Web pages. All image types for imagemaps (.JPG , .GIF, and .PNG) are supported.

Lastly, it has a wizard that helps you to create new imagemaps.

Design easily interactive HTML Imagemaps for Webpages.


  • Imagemapper 2 was reviewed in the book XHTML and CSS Essentials for Library Web Design (Chapter 5 - Sauer)
    Excerpt from the book:

    In this case you really must rely on one of any number of software programs that will allow you to draw the hotspots and produce the numbers for you. Major Web site creation packages such as Microsoft's FrontPage and Macromedia's Dreamweaver have this function built in. If you don't have access to these programs, there are others out there, such as Life Software's Imagemapper, which will cost you about $19. (

  • A trial version of Imagemapper was included in the cover mounted CD-Rom of issue 41 of "Web Pages Made Easy" magazine.

  • A trial version of Imagemapper 2 was enclosed in the DVD of the Italian "PC Magazine", the best-selled magazine published by VNU Business Publications.

  • Imagemapper 1 was reviewed and rated 4 out of 5 points from Please note that the review is for the previous version and in the current version the feature of unlimited undo/redo steps has been added. A wizard has also been added.

    It's not particularly innovative, but Imagemapper is effective and efficient. The absence of a wizard dialog box makes the program inappropriate for complete beginners, but we were able to generate code for our image map in just a few minutes. The program has all the features a good image mapper should, except, alas, undo. You can test your image maps in any browser you like, and we found no notable differences in functionality from similar software, but, given the narrow focus of programs in this category, the choice often comes down to a matter of taste. Practicing site builders will find Imagemapper to be a solid addition to their toolset.

  • Imagemapper 2 has been awarded with the highest rating by many shareware download sites.

  • Imagemapper was reviewed by
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